The appearances deceives

“The appearances deceives”. How many times we heard this sentence? And it is because things are not always what they seem at first sight… In this is what is based Agustín Amate to make these series of photographs, because when some see vegetables, he sees…others things.

Photography allows to mold the reality through a game of lights, shadows and perspective, although this, without the imagination and creativity of the photographer behind the camera, would not be possible. Agustín Amate has used these two facets to convert something as ordinary as aliments in things completely different. Its a commission for AC- Hotels, in which the details are the most important.

“With these images I wanted to make a series where to emphasize the textures, playing with the composition and the light. There are a personal vision, where I looked at the visual ambiguity in the details that sometimes results in surrealists. I wanted to achieve abstracts and intriguing images for the viewer, in order to make a second look to the ordinary, discovering new details and shades”.

Agustín Amate is a photographer with more than 20 years experience. Graduated with a Ba(Hons) in Photography & Multimedia in the University of Westminster. Came to Spain to live in Barcelona. Specialised in preproduction and postproduction and finalist in The Hasselbland Masters Awards (2009) and bronze in the best Pack (2012). In his life has worked in all areas of photography, but if had to choose one, would be advertising.

TEXTO: Mónica García

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